About me


My name is Murat Cengiz and I’m a visual artist and a polymath. This website is a sample of projects I’ve got into, including but not limited to illustration, design, painting, sculpting and tinkering. I’ve also studied/worked about game design (experience design and visual elements both) and teaching on an academic level. Worked in archeology, advertising and home decor products design. 


After graduating from Dokuz Eylül University Fine Arts faculty, I’ve kept on to get a masters degree in graphic design and ended up doing a Ph.D. on advertising which I decided not to see through while compiling my thesis, because of the political climate. Following my first solo backpacking trip around Europe and exhibition in Italy, I moved to Istanbul. During that time (2010-2016), besides working as a creative director and moonlighting at a comics magazine; I taught myself sculpting, making molds, digital sculpting, 3D printing and airbrushing.

In 2017, I set out for my second long term solo backpacking trip, this time in East Asia; doing charity work, painting murals, teaching English, working on product photography and giving art lessons to children in local communities. I ended up spending a year in 8 countries. During my travels, I met my sweetheart and following her back to west, moved to Berne, Switzerland.

Projects & Exhibitions

2005 - current : Visual Artist and Creative Director
2005 - 2007: Gallipoli Research Centre: Creative director and field researcher
2005 - 2006: Anadolu University, Olympos (Lycia) Archaeology Team: Field researcher, Restitution Artist
2011: International Biennial of Izmir: Founding member, Creative Director
2012 - 2014: OYUNDER (Association of Game Designers and Producers of Turkey): Founding member

2007, İzmir: Group Exhibition, Su Group, Tepekule Congress Centre
2011, Torino, Italy, Personal Exhibition, Murat Cengiz @ Doctor Sax
2013, İstanbul, Group Exhibition, Kuzguncuk Tayfası, “Bi’Kuzguncuk”, Artists of Kuzguncuk Exhibition

2017 - 2018: Nomadic Arts Project: Travelling, teaching and performing in 8 countries in East Asia.