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About me


My name is Murat and I’ve been active as a multi material artist since 2004. I’m a polymath - a jack of all trades if you will - but I’ve started off my journey with illustration and painting. Despite having an MA in graphic design, I have experiences in the fields of archaeology, NGOs, advertising, product and game design and some other odd bits. These opportunities led me to expand my skillset to sculpting, digital modelling, photography, ceramics and wood working.


I have a love for multidisciplinary work and in the last 7-8 years I’ve discovered that I feel especially passionate about watching my work coming to life in the four dimensional world, interacting with people. I draw inspiration from my experiences of living and backpacking in a multitude of countries, my love for history and psychology as well as my deep roots in nerddom.


If you’d like to be up to date about my oddball creations or give a shoutout, my social media accounts are the places to check out as this website is updated irregularly at best. I don't normally take up commissions any more but every once in a while something exciting or different comes along which I can’t pass on (funky murals, giant monster chests, themed puzzle boxes etc.) So feel free to contact me if you think you’ve got something special in store and can't find anyone else to get the job done. 



Projects & Exhibitions


2005 - 2007: Gallipoli Research Centre: Field research and creative director for published material.
2005 - 2006: Anadolu University, Olympos Archaeology Team: Field researcher and restitution artist
2011: International Biennial of Izmir: Founding member
2012 - 2014: OYUNDER (Association of Game Designers and Producers of Turkey): Founding member

2017 - 2018: Nomadic Arts Project: Travelling, teaching and performing in Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia and Philippines. 

2007, İzmir: Group Exhibition, Su Group, Tepekule Congress Centre
2011, Torino, Italy, Personal Exhibition, Murat Cengiz @ Doctor Sax
2013, İstanbul, Group Exhibition, Kuzguncuk Tayfası, “Bi’Kuzguncuk”, Artists of Kuzguncuk Exhibition

2018, İzmir: İzmir International Biennial of Fine Arts

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